Recipe: Low Carb and Sugar Free Coconut and Raspberry Squares

As  you know, I am always looking at ways of adapting recipes to be more diabetes friendly.  To me, this means lowering both the carb and sugar content as I find my sugars so much easier to control when I am eating this way.  I was on a train from Liverpool to London a couple … More Recipe: Low Carb and Sugar Free Coconut and Raspberry Squares

Sunrise and chill

The alarm went off at 04:30 and we dragged ourselves out of bed to go and watch the sunrise.  Sure enough, our guide was there at 5am and the hotel packed us off with our breakfast in little tiffin boxes.  We drove for about 15 minutes and the bus then dropped us off in the … More Sunrise and chill


We took a short flight from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and were whisked off to our luxury hotel before a quick change in advance of heading off to watch sunset at the beautiful temples of Angkor Wat.  I am a sucker for a good sunset so I donned my ‘temple pants’ (we were required … More Sunset

Harrowing History

We knew that this day was going to be pretty harrowing as it involved the genocide museum followed by the killing fields so we made sure to fuel up properly before we started.  I stole a quick 30 minute swim before a brekkie of dragon fruit, yoghurt and a sprinking of granola accompanied by a … More Harrowing History

Phnom Penh

Once I had got over the trauma of walking from Vietnam to Cambodia ;), I was super excited to explore the country starting with a Cambodian lunch.  I had been excited about the Vietnamese cuisine on the trip and was sadly a bit disappointed with many of the options available in terms of low carb-ness … More Phnom Penh

The breakfast buffet to end all breakfast buffets

Just a quickie here as this breakfast buffet definitely deserves its own post…. The Grand Hotel Saigon really put on a ridiculously amazing spread for brekkie – I shamelessly did the touristy thing and took plenty of pics, see below what was on offer… Sushi A whole roast chicken A massive leg of ham (sharp … More The breakfast buffet to end all breakfast buffets


We had another day in Hoi An where we spent our time embibing the atmosphere and drinking lots of coffee before we set off for our next location which was Saigon or Ho Chi Min city. A short flight later and we landed in the glitz and glam that is saigon.  As it was approaching … More Saigon