We’ve been adventuring again!

As you may or may not be aware, Beryl and I have been on our travels again!  We have just returned from a whirlwind two week adventure in Australia and boy did we really cram in the fun!


We dotted around the country, visiting friends, climbing mountains, cuddling crocodiles, learning to surf.  You name it, we did it, making the most of our time by flying between places overnight and hitting the ground running when we arrived.


I have now been on my lovely Cellnovo pump, Beryl, for what seems like forever (it is actually only 9 months) and I feel like we are very well acquainted but I do like to test her now and then with a new activity/food/timezone and yet again she nailed it on this trip.


I actually video’d most of the things we did and am planning to make some brief snippets to show how awesome she was so see below the first one and I challenge you to spot her in ANY of the clips or photos!

Until next time – big love to all xxx

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