RECIPE: Pea and cucumber chilled summer soup

I am a big fan of soup and I was missing it as it’s been so hot that it’s not really been an appropriate meal!  I therefore decided to whip up a quick and easy chilled soup for me and mum to have last week before we headed out for the day.  We had a big fancy dinner booked and therefore needed something fairly light and healthy!  


Serves 4

2 spring onions 

1/2 cucumber

1 large handful of iceberg lettuce 

120g frozen peas 

1.4l vegetable stock 

80g quark 


1. Fry the spring onions in 1tsp rapeseed oil

2. Add in the roughly chopped cucumber and lettuce

3. Fry for 5 minutes and then add the frozen peas and stock 

4. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes

5. Blend the soup with a stick blender

6. Stir in the quark

7. Chill for 4 hours 

8. Serve topped with 1tsp mixed seeds, some chopped cucumber and a small handful of rocket

A perfectly refreshing lunch for a summers day – let’s hope we have many more summer days to come this year! 

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