The easiest low carb Sunday pancakes!

Sunday morning, you wake up and fancy something a little bit special for breakfast but don’t want to ruin those blood sugars you have been nailing all week.  Know the feeling?! Well, I am super excited to say that this is OF COURSE possible and I have the perfect recipe to satisfy that Sunday indulgence which is oh so deserved!

Low carb pancakes 

Serves 1 (makes 3 small pancakes)

Carbs – 5.5g

Calories – 196 kcals 


30g ground almonds

1 egg

1/4 tsp baking powder 

5g coconut oil (melted)

5g granulated sweetener (optional)

25ml water 

Pinch of salt 


45g alpro plain soya yoghurt

15g blueberries 


Put all the ingredients into a food processor and whizz together 

Leave to sit for 10 mins 

Heat a pan and ladle in the mixture in 3 small blobs (or one large pancake if you prefer!)

Flip over to cook on both sides

Plate up and cover with the yoghurt and blueberries 

DONE – yummmmm!

Give it a go, super tasty and no blood sugar spike afterwards!

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