Packing for all eventualities!

First things first, an apology.  I have let my blogging slip a little over the last couple of months!  It’s a bit of a ‘sorry not sorry’ situation as the reason for this is basically that I have started the most amazingly awesome job which has got me so excited that I’ve been bouncing around like a crazy fool and jet setting across the world.

The flip side of this is that I have most definitely collected some pretty awesome blog content along the way.

I thought I would start at the beginning (a very good place to start according to Julie Andrews…) and talk a bit about packing for a trip to a foreign country that is not necessarily set up for that much tourism yet…


Sooo, here goes, my ‘diabetes related’ packing list…


Beryl (my pump handset)

Pump and handset charger

Insulin cartridges (I take double the number I am expecting to need)

Cannulas (I take enough for 1 per day as I will inevitably be in and out of various bodies of water as well as sweating a fair amount whilst hiking etc so want to ensure I can change it everyday if it comes off)

Spare meter

Spare Dexcom sensor

Testing strips +++

Insulin pens just in case I have a pump issue

Insulin for pump and pens (again, I tend to work on a double what I think I will need basis!)


Frio cooling wallet

All encased in my lovely Myabetic Banting Wallet and a super useful wash bag from Muji which fits everything perfectly!


I would be interested to hear what others pack and if I seem over cautious with the amount of ‘extra’ stuff I lugg around with me!

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