Singing Cellnovo’s praises!

Any of you who follow me on social media will have seen me banging on yesterday about my ‘story’ that was published on the Cellnovo website yesterday.  Cellnovo is the wonderful company who make my awesome pump Beryl who has, without exaggeration, literally changed my life!

I just wanted to write a quick post about this as the whole process of getting my story published on the website was absolutely indicative of the fabulous service that Cellnovo continue to provide.

I was first approached by the sales and marketing director to set up a telephone interview with a professional journalist.  This took place on a Friday afternoon and was a good 90 minute phone call which went in to lots of detail.   Once this was done, the sales and marketing director got in touch again to arrange a photo shoot with a professional photographer!

This made me excited! I had dabbled in some child modelling for a hotel chain back in my younger days but that was the extent of my ‘photo shoot’ experience!  I had a pre phone call with the lovely gentleman who then came to my house and spent an afternoon taking pictures of me in my every day life, doing all the things I would usually do!  He was super nice and made me feel very at ease.

Following on from this, my story was put together and a draft article sent through for me to check before publishing.  I was just super impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the whole procedure! 

Cellnovo have been so brilliant in terms of customer service since I have had beryl, no request is too large and they are always so helpful even in the following situations…

1. I phoned them from Cambodia (5am uk time) to tell them I had broken my charger and they sent a new one out straight away which was waiting for me at my parents house when I got home 24 hours later.

2. I emailed them from Mexico to say that I was using more cannulas than usual as I was moving the pump around and they sent out an additional delivery for arrival on the morning of my return.

3. I called them early on a Sunday morning to report a fault with my handset, despite the early hour, the lovely agent talked me through some troubleshooting and was able to solve the problem over the phone.

As I am sure you can see from the above, Cellnovo do not only excel with a fanriastsic product but this is backed up by brilliant customer service.  I know I say this ALL THE TIME, but I really would recommend this pump for anyone looking for a flexible and unobtrusive insulin delivery method! 

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