Beryl on the move…

I have definitely got over being bothered about having something attached to me and people being able to see it.  I wear my dexcom and my cellnovo pump quite overtly and am happy to answer any questions about either.  I am sure you have seen plenty of pics of me where one or either are visible.  I spent my time in Vietnam and Cambodia with them in full view however, I am now in Mexico (I know, I know, please rest assured I do have a new job to go to on my return from this trip!) and decided to try and mix it up a bit to see if I could keep little old beryl under wraps a bit.  

Usually I wear her on my thigh at the front so I left her here for the flight however, on arrival, I carefully selected my swim wear for the day and placed her on my side where she would be covered by my cossie.  The beauty of the awesome cellnovo system is that it can be moved around at any time without having to change the insulin cartridge, all you need to do is select your site and insert a new cannula.

The spot on my side was perfect, I played in the waves, went to the gym, snorkelled with giant turtles and went about my daily activities without it getting in the way at all! 

I was due a set change on day 3 of the hol anyway so I decided to place her on my lower back to enable me to wear a bikini and her be completely covered.  Yet again, no issues here and I can honestly say that I forgot she was even attached on a couple of occasions!

Basically, the system just keeps amazing me with its ease of use, flexibility and ability to slot in to my life no matter what I am doing!  My love affair with beryl deepens further especially as in the 3 months I have had her, my hba1c has reduced by 0.8 whoooop!

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