Low carb porridge 

After returning from somewhat sunnier climes, I was hit by the icy temperatures in london and realised that my brekkie of fresh fruit and yoghurt was perhaps not going to work.  I was craving something warm and comforting, porridge to be precise!  Now porridge, as we know, is fairly high on the old carb count and therefore something I tend to either avoid or at least save for a special occasion.  I therefore set about (yet another) low carb alternative experiment.  

Gathering all the low carb nuts, seeds and flours from my cupboards, I went about throwing some things in to a pan and after a few goes, I put the spoon to my mouth and stifled a squeak of excitement.  I had hit the low carb porridge jackpot!!

Now, I didn’t measure anything out for this as I don’t really think that it is necessary so I will list the ingredients that I used and let you have a play around to find a combination that works for you…


Ground almonds

Chopped almonds 


Desiccated coconut

Chia seeds


Dash of sugar free caramel syrup 


Couple of blueberries to sprinkle on top

Yummmmm! Have a go and let me know if anyone has anything else they use to satisfy those warm carb cravings in the morning!! 

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