Sunrise and chill

The alarm went off at 04:30 and we dragged ourselves out of bed to go and watch the sunrise.  Sure enough, our guide was there at 5am and the hotel packed us off with our breakfast in little tiffin boxes.  We drove for about 15 minutes and the bus then dropped us off in the pitch black in what felt like the middle of nowhere…

It was definitely an adventure, there was no light apart from the small torchlight from peoples phones and we trudged along purely going by what our guide told us.  As far as I could see, there was no obvious temple up ahead and I kept tripping over my own feet – as you can imagine, the princess in me was a little bit unsure…

After about 15 mins, our guide took us off to the side and we found some rocks to perch on.  He told us the direction we should be looking in and we sat and waited.  It was pretty awesome, as the sun started to rise, I looked around us and was astounded by the pure number of people doing the exact same thing as us.  The temple came in to view and we watched as the sunrise was reflected in the water’s surface.  I took LOTS of pictures and sat in the most beautiful, peaceful surroundings contemplating how lucky I was to be enjoying this experience.

Once the sun was completely risen, we cracked in to our packed breakfasts from the hotel.  I was pretty hungry at this point but also slightly nervous about what would actually be in my little package as I had not been able to choose for myself!  Luckily there was an apple and some yoghurt amongst the carb laden pastry and bread based options so I wolfed this down before we set off to do some ‘temple hopping.’

The temples were beautiful, we saw 4 in total, all very different and with different stories attached to them.  We even went in the one where Tomb Raider was filmed!

By the time it reached midday, the sun was high in the sky and it was pretty hot.  We were flagging somewhat after our early start so we headed back to the hotel to jump in to the pool and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation.  The hotel offered everything you could possibly want around the pool; free ice cream, suncream for those f us who had forgotten 😉 and free back massages!  We all did our own thing and I enjoyed getting stuck in to my book and chilling after a pretty busy 12 days!

I spent a good few hours in the afternoon alternating between the pool and the lounger – I took my pump off every time I went for a swim (I clocked up 100 lengths of a 25m pool) and this seemed to keep my sugars nicely in range throughout.  Suffice to say, I resisted the free ice cream but most definitely enjoyed a lovely free massage!

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