We took a short flight from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and were whisked off to our luxury hotel before a quick change in advance of heading off to watch sunset at the beautiful temples of Angkor Wat.  I am a sucker for a good sunset so I donned my ‘temple pants’ (we were required to have legs and shoulders covered so I had purchased some of the obligatory patterned hareem pants to wear for the occasion!) and we drove towards the temples.  

Once we arrived, we climbed up to the top and took our spot amongst the throng of tourists to watch the sunset.  I felt that familiar sensation of a hypo encroaching whilst we were sat there so checked and sure enough, Dexcom told me I  was sitting at 3.2 with a downward arrow – nothing a few jelly babies couldn’t fix though!  I think that a combination of the travelling, the heat and the physical exertion of climbing to the top had contributed to this.

The sunset was as beautiful as I had dreamt it would be, I felt very peaceful and content whilst snapping pictures and watching the sun dip behind the trees.

We waited for the glowing orb of sunlight to disappear and headed back in to Siem Reap for a lovely meal.  The Cambodian cuisine was really impressing me and I had a lovely Tofu and veg stir fry which was lovely in flavour and not too spicy – also low carb..Win!

Over dinner, our guide told us that he would be picking us up at 5am from the hotel the next morning to go and see the sunrise.  We would be provided with packed breakfasts to take with us and it all sounded like quite a fun little adventure.  In light of the early start, we headed back to the hotel for an early night (and made sure we set about 12 alarms!!)

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