Harrowing History

We knew that this day was going to be pretty harrowing as it involved the genocide museum followed by the killing fields so we made sure to fuel up properly before we started.  I stole a quick 30 minute swim before a brekkie of dragon fruit, yoghurt and a sprinking of granola accompanied by a lot of coffee before we headed out.

Our guide was really informative about the events of the Khmer Rouge battle in Cambodia as he was actually there so was able to give lots of first hand information.  He was born in a tunnel sometime between 1970 and 1974 but doesn’t actually know when – so sad and really made us thankful for the sheltered and luxurious upbringings we had experienced in the UK.  We spent the morning learning about the horrific acts of the Khmer Rouge so were pretty pleased to head back in to Phnom Penh for an afternoon of chilling by the pool.

We got back to the hotel and headed straight up to the roof where we got settled in for an afternoon in the sun.  We had some snacky canapes for lunch and once sunset hit, we had a cheeky bottle of prosecco and some lovely fish and veggies.

One of the most amazing things about the trip was how cheap all the spa treatments were!  I therefore treated myself to a full body massage for the grand total of $15!

By the time we went to bed at about 10 – I was feeling a bit wobbly so checked my sugar and sure enough, it was 2.4, the combination of a lot of swimming, the heat, prosecco and a massage meant that I wasn’t too surprised by this so I had a few jelly babies and settled in for the night.  Tomorrow we were off to Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor Wat – one of the trip elements that I was super excited about!

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