Phnom Penh

Once I had got over the trauma of walking from Vietnam to Cambodia ;), I was super excited to explore the country starting with a Cambodian lunch.  I had been excited about the Vietnamese cuisine on the trip and was sadly a bit disappointed with many of the options available in terms of low carb-ness and vegetarian-ness.  I am pleased to say that I was able to keep pretty awesome sugars throughout the Vietnam portion of the trip despite this however, I was looking forward to a change.  I had no idea what Cambodian cuisine was like so the first meal was approached with great excitement and anticipation.

We stopped at a local roadside establishment and our guide ordered a variety of dishes, I cannot explain my happiness when an absolute plethora of stir fried vegetables arrived at the table…Happy Jenn!

After scoffing down our lunch, we headed off to Phnom Penh.  The hotel was unexpectedly beautiful and boasted a rooftop restaurant and swimming pool which meant I was able to get in a few swift lengths before we headed out for an evening city tour and dinner.

Phnom Penh was very cosmopolotain and had a lot of impressive architecture which we saw a lot of on our walking tour before ending up at a river side restaurant where I had a gorgeous prawn and cashew nut stir fry – low carb and yummy!  There was a lot less chilli in the Cambodian food which I enjoyed after such a spicy ten days in Vietnam.

After dinner we got in a Tuk Tuk which is the main means of transport, and headed back to bed, tomorrow would be a visit to the genocide museum and killing fields which promised to be a tricky day so we needed our beauty sleep!

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