From Vietnam to Cambodia 

The day had come all too soon where we were to bid farewell to Vietnam and our fabulous guide, Le and move on to Cambodia where we would meet up with our new guide to continue our trip.

We got in the van and started the 3 hour drive to the border, stopping off at the Cu Chi tunnels on the way which was a nice way to break up the journey (even if I did nearly get stuck in a hole!) I feel a bit like a broken record (albeit one that’s singing a pretty good tune) when I say that my sugars were on point and cruising in the 5’s and 6’s as we embarked upon today’s adventure! 

Once at the border, Le left us in the queue and headed back to his family.  This is where things started to get hairy….

Le’s parting words to us were, ‘be careful in the queue, people will try and push’ OMG he was right! A teeny tiny little Cambodian lady was the orchestrator of the pushing but we weren’t fooled by her smallness and her oldness – she knew exactly what she was doing and we tried to give as good as we got! It was hot and sweaty, I was carrying all my bags (something I had not yet done as Le kindly carried them for me ha!) including the extra one I had bought to house all my shopping and I was NOT HAPPY!  We pushed our way to the front of the queue where the passport guy was beyond slow and useless, in between each person he played on his phone, had a sip of coffee and generally made me want to punch him in the face!!

Eventually we got past and in to no mans land – it was here that I discovered we were to WALK FROM VIETNAM TO CAMBODIA! I am obviously being a slight (massive) drama queen here and it was probably all of about 500m however I huffed and puffed my way along the road, whilst the rivulet of sweat ran down my back! Never have I been so glad to see our new guide with his branded t shirt on waving at us from up ahead.  I promptly dropped my bags and he ran up to help, sensing that I was about to have somewhat of a S**t fit.

We parted with $35 for or Cambodian visas and peace and happiness were once again restored as we cooled down in our air conditioned bus and headed towards Phnom Penh.

Phew – there was a brief moment where I thought I might not make it out of no mans land but I’m pleased to say that all was fine!  It has, however, now become a trademark phrase of the trip…. ‘we WALKED from Vietnam to Cambodia!.’

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