We had another day in Hoi An where we spent our time embibing the atmosphere and drinking lots of coffee before we set off for our next location which was Saigon or Ho Chi Min city.

A short flight later and we landed in the glitz and glam that is saigon.  As it was approaching Chinese New Year, everywhere was super busy as well as being adorned with the most red you will ever see in your life! 

Saigon was once again very different to our previous destinations and most importantly, it was HOT! 30 degrees and sunny whoop! I was aware that my sugars tend to run a bit lower in the heat so I kept a close eye on them, sure enough, by the time it came to dinner I was sitting at 3.2 so ready to tuck in to our last Vietnamese feast.  

We were staying at the Grand Hotel which had a beautiful rooftop bar and pool.  I got myself out to the pool as soon as the bus dropped us off and managed a swift 50 lengths and a chapter of my book before getting ready and heading up to the roof to watch the sunset.  It was really beautiful and I felt very content – I am a sucker for a good sunset!

Our guide took us to a local restaurant for our farewell dinner. I ordered fish and vegetables but was a bit disappointed when the fish arrived and appeared to have been deep fried, I tried a piece but was not impressed so stuck to the veggies.  I have to say, I was quite surprised at the Vietnamese cuisine and how much deep frying there was, I had thought that it was a fairly healthy diet but apparently not! I would not be sad to leave it behind definitely – I mean, they couldn’t even cope with just doing a plate of steamed vegetables!!

We headed back to the hotel ready for an early start the next day – I was still feeling pretty awake so did a sneaky 45 minute yoga class before bed.

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