Vietnamese cookery class 

I was super excited about some Vietnamese cookery lessons so got to our class venue super early and ordered myself a black vietnamese drip coffee, the Vietnamese coffee is super bitter and is particularly nice over ice.

We teamed up with another group and started the cookery class, see below what we made:

Veggie spring rolls

These were quite tricky to make but super tasty once done. We deep fried them but I would be tempted to steam them instead if I did it again.  A fairly low carb option as the filling was just veggies and the outside was one sheet of rice paper which I imagine doesn’t have much carbs in it.

Tofu salad

This was really yummy, the rest of the group had it with beef but I had tofu as the vegetarian option.  The addition of peanuts and dried onions added lovely texture and the chilli gave it a good kick – definitely one I will be recreating at home!

Mackerel wrapped in banana leaf

We made a marinade out of chilli, lemongrass, garlic and ginger and then wrapped the fish and marinade in a banana leaf, this was then left for an hour before being put on the BBQ to cook.  Really tasty and super low carb, I think I went a bit overboard on the lemongrass as mine was super lemon-y but apart from that it was yum!

We were pretty stuffed after all of that so a simple fruit platter was served for dessert which offered a nice sweet note to end the meal.

All in all, a fab experience and I’ve come away with some new ideas for low carb meal options with a Vietnamese twist! 

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