Hoi An – I love you!

After disembarking the Calypso Cruiser, we headed back towards Hanoi in the bus to board our flight to Hoi An. I was quite pleased to be heading somewhere that promised higher temperatures than we had experienced so far!

We hopped on the short flight south and arrived at Danang airport at about 7pm before a quick drive to Hoi An. Today had been a funny day eating wise as we had done a lot of travelling (and had our weird 10:30 lunch!) so we had just snacked throughout the afternoon in lieu of a proper dinner.  This proved a bit tricky when it came to insulin so I was at 11.2 when we headed for bed but did a quick correction bolus and slept like a baby!

The breakfast at this hotel wasn’t amazing so I opted for a small amount of fruit, a tablespoon of muesli and some yoghurt accompanied by my usual black coffee.  This is not a breakfast I would usually have so I used the fabulous carbs and cals app to calculate the carbs and crossed my fingers! 

Hoi An was so different to anywhere we had been so far, it was a maze of little streets all decorated with beautiful lanterns and there was very much a carnival atmosphere around the town.  We visited a couple of temples and then headed in to the old town where our guide took us to a tailors where they would make garments for us in a matter of hours.  I showed them a pic of a dress I had tried to purchase last year but had sold out, picked my material and left them to it with the promise to return that evening for a fitting and payment!

We all split up for the afternoon as we had different things that we wanted todo. First stop was a coffee and snack lunch, I was pleased that carbs and cals had calculated perfectly and I was rocking an ‘in range’ bg before I tucked in to some tofu and bok choi.

I then spent waaaaaaay too much money in all the shops stocking myself up on bags, purses, shoes, all interspersed with plenty of coffee breaks.  

My fave bit about the afternoon was the hour long private boat ride I managed to snag myself which was lovely!

We had a cookery class accompanied by dinner that evening so I headed back to the tailor where I was thrilled with my dress, it was exactly as I dreamed it 😀 before meeting the rest of the group at Hai Cafe for our Vietnamese cookery class – an element of the trip that I had been particularly looking forward to.  

Stay tuned for the next post to see what we rustled up! 

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