The party cave!

The night on the boat was very comfortable and we woke up bright and early for some yoga on deck – there is something truly magical about halong bay, it’s so peaceful and beautiful, the perfect place to practise a bit of yoga and meditation.

Food wise today was to be a bit weird, they offered breakfast at 7, fairly normal, then we were off on a little adventure and would be back on the boat at 10 for lunch at 10:30 – weird!  It’s a very slick operation and basically, we needed to be checked out and off the boat by 12 for the next group to be on and sailing by 12:30 hence the weird meal times!  I therefore opted to skip breakfast and treat lunch as more of a ‘brunch’ which seemed to work ok!

We headed off on the little ‘tender’ boat to discover some caves.  I have been in many a cave in my time so wasn’t massively excited about this however, once we got there OMG, it was amaaaazing! Our guide told us that it is a party cave where they put loads of candles in and have a dj etc, I defo want my next party to be there!

We then spent some time taking silly pictures on the beach before heading back for our early lunch and getting off the boat for the drive to Hanoi airport where we would be boarding our flight to Danang in the evening.

My strategy to treat lunch as brunch worked well and my sugar stayed below 8 until late afternoon when it annoyingly crept up to 10 (doe I think to the lack of activity, there’s only so much moving you can do on a bus 😜). A quick correction sorted this out and I had a snack dinner at the airport before getting on the plane.

Next stop…Hoi An and hopefully some sunshine and warmth!! 

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