Halong Bay

After a lovely afternoon in the spa in sapa we spent our second night on the overnight train which was a million times better than the first one and we all slept very well! We freshened up in our hotel and grabbed a quick brekkie (more cheese lol) and got on our rather swish bus headed for halong bay. 

I was aware that today would be somewhat less active than previous days so I kept a pretty close eye on my sugar but it stayed steady for the whole journey up to halong bay which was nice 👍🏻 

On arrival, we boarded our boat, the Calypso Cruiser, and sat down for a sumptuous lunch, they were super good at dealing with our group dietary requirements and I enjoyed lots of lovely fresh veggies and fish. The afternoon was then spent visiting a local fishing village and cruising around the magnificent bay.  We had massages on the boat and tried our hand at making some Vietnamese rice paper rolls before sitting down to THE BIGGEST DINNER EVER! 

My sugar was actually 3.8 before dinner so I was ready to tuck in however, the amount of food that just kept coming to our table was nothing short of obscene, there was so much waste and having spent the previous day hearing all about the families in the mountains who had to have rice for every meal, I was a little upset that so much food was going to waste ☹️ the below picture is what we had left at the end also taking in to account that we turned away 3 courses!

We went to bed rather full that night and I congratulated myself on another day of pretty good diabetes. I have to say both my cellnovo pump and my dexcom are making the weird and wonderful eating on this trip sooooo much easier!

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