Village trekking 

I am pleased to say that after a far from ideal 24 hours, I was thrilled to wake up feeling rather perky and ready to go! I had been so looking forward to this part of the trip with the hiking around the local villages and learning a bit about the local culture so I went to the breakfast buffet at the hotel (where I had cheese and salmon, cheese seems to be becoming a bit of a low carb breakfast staple around here) and headed out for a morning trek.

I had kept my sugars pretty stable through the whole food poisoning incident and although I woke up at 10.3, I wasn’t too upset about this as I knew that walking would definitely bring it down pretty fast.

We started at an old French monastery and then went on to a couple of villages, making friends with pigs, water buffaloes and dogs along the way. It was really interesting to see the differing landscape and the way that the locals live. They grow rice in the fields and have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY DAY! This wouldn’t work well for a low carb lifestyle and made me super thankful for the abundance of top spec medical care and food options available to me in the UK!

We walked about 7km before I started to get a bit weary and we decided to head back to the hotel. My sugar was now at a lovely 4.6 and I was getting a bit peckish for some lunch.  We picked the others up from the hotel and headed down in to the town for a tasty Vietnamese lunch.  I travelled down to the town in two ways 1. Standing on the back of a golf cart and 2. Riding pillion on the back of a motor bike (sorry mum, I know you’ve told me never to do this but it was super safe 😜)

Lunch was a selection of local delicacies including a gorgeous salt baked trout and some beautifully spiced pumpkin slices.

After lunch, we had an afternoon in the spa where I enjoyed a lovely 1hr Swedish massage at a fraction of the price it would have cost me in london, before heading back to the station for the overnight train back to Hanoi. 

I think we were all a bit nervous given our last train experience however, I am pleased to report that it was a peaceful and comfortable ride this time! 

Next stop…Halong Bay! 

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