Sugar surfing with food poisoning

Tell me this, why are mums always right? Is there some sort of chamic change that happens in pregnancy which means that they suddenly develop the ability to just know EVERYTHING?! 

Anyway, mum told me to be careful of salad leaves before I came away. Being a vegetarian, I eat quite a lot of salad leaves therefore I promised I would be careful however fully intended to consume any salad leaves that came my way – oh how silly of me…

I was sleeping very comfortably in my top bunk of the sleeper train when I awoke at 3am with those tell tale stomach cramps that come with food poisoning. I told myself it was nothing however, it soon became clear that it was indeed something and let’s just say I spent the rest of the night alongside my travel companions, rushing to and from the bathroom.

My biggest concern was my sugars and this is where both my dexcom and cellnovo pump really came in to their own. 

We arrived in Sa Pa to our beautiful hotel and I took myself straight off to bed with my phone on loud enabling the dexcom alerts to waken me when needed. Throughout the day, I was able to administer teeny doses of insulin and adjust my basal rate which meant that I kept it between 3 and 10, quite an achievement I felt, given all the chundering! 😂

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