Leaving….on a midnight train to Sa Pa

After a brilliantly long sleep (9pm – 7am!) we awoke ready for our first full day in Vietnam. Breakfast at the hotel offered a wide variety of both the usual western options as well as things like beef noodle soup. I stayed small with a couple of slices of pineapple, watermelon and dragon fruit and some coffee. I don’t usually eat very much fruit or in fact breakfast for that matter therefore I was unsure how this would go but I put the carbs in to my Cellnovo handset and dosed accordingly before heading out for a city tour of Hanoi.

Hanoi is MENTAL, so much stuff going on it is complete sensory overload! I was happy that we had Li, our guide with us who was extremely knowledgeable and told us all about Ho Chi Minh whilst showing us around his living quarters.

We also went to the temple of literature which had some gorgeous architecture.

Lunch was another street food affair of mushroom broth and salad before we set off for the market and a walk around the lake. By this point, I was getting used to just stepping out in front of motorbikes and knowing they would stop for me!

We enjoyed dinner at a restaurant called delicious, I had the most scrumptious prawns. So far, my sugar had gone up to 9 after brekkie but due to all the walking (22,000 steps) and no further carbs, it was sitting at a nice 4.4 before dinner therefore I decided not to dose for this low carb meal.

We were then whisked off in our minibus to the train station to board our overnight train to Sa Pa. the train reminded me somewhat of the Hogwarts Express with its little cabins and I was thrilled to see we were in first class which all looked rather comfy to me.

We settled in (I chose a top bunk) and dozed off for the long ride.  My sugar was 6.8 at bedtime so I was happy – day 1, nailed 😀

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