Iceland – the low carb dream

We have now been in Iceland for 48 hours and are having a whale of a time…

After a steamy start at the blue lagoon, our driver brought us into Reykjavik and dropped us off at our hotel for a quick freshen up before we headed out for dinner.  I had been pleasantly surprised at the blue lagoon by the tasty low carb lunch options so was quietly optimistic for more of the same at dinner.  Dad had booked a recommended restaurant a short walk from the hotel so we bundled up in all our thermals and braved the elements.

On arrival at the restaurant, I eagerly turned to the English translated version of the menu and was thrilled to see that the Icelandic cuisine offered was indeed very low carb friendly – I had plenty of options to choose from.  This is what I ended up going for….

Starter – vegetable skewers with a Szechwan pepper dressing

Main course – fish gourmet (three types of fish with mushroom and kale accompaniment)

And this is the resulting overnight blood sugars…

What a win!! I would highly recommend Icelandic cuisine for anyone trying to maintain a low carb lifestyle! 

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