Thanks Boots!

Picture this, it’s the night before you are heading up to Scotland for Christmas, you’re going to be away for 4 days so you diligently pack up all the essentials; Christmas presents, Christmas day outfit, exercise gear for the Christmas Eve Metafit class your auntie is taking you to, thermals (it is Scotland!) and all the new equipment and supplies that come along with your new insulin pump.  You are feeling quite smug and organised as you head off for work following which, you will head straight for the airport…


Soo, I’ve set the scene for you, this was me on Friday, 23rd December and it was all going swimmingly (apart from the fact that I hadn’t told my boss I needed to leave at 3pm to get to the airport in time but we’ll come to that later J).  I was sitting happily at my desk, getting on with a few last minute things when Beryl screeched at me to say that she was due a change in 24 hours.  That was all fine until the horrible realisation that I had in fact left the most important ingredient of the whole pump recipe at home….the insulin!

Now, my family were driving up from Liverpool and had a plentiful supply of the required novorapid so I sent a message to ask them to bring some with them however, I then started panicking, what if my pump failed, I did have pens with me but unhelpfully, the insulin cartridge in the pen was empty.  I only live about 25 mins from work so would have been able to make it home and back in time to be able to fetch the forgotten insulin if not for the small fact that I was still yet to tell my boss I was leaving 3 hours early…….oops!  I didn’t think it would go down very well if I said, ‘I’m off home to get my insi which will take an hour and also btw, I’m leaving at 3’.   I therefore racked my brains as to the best course of action and thought I should probably call my GP surgery to see if there was anything they could do to help.  I spoke to a lovely and helpful receptionist, (rare I know) who said he could fax thorough a prescription to my chosen pharmacy within the hour.  Amazing!  I asked them to send it through to Boots at Victoria station where I would be hopping on the Gatwick express.  I was sceptical but went to the pharmacy at Boots and tentatively asked if an emergency prescription had been sent through, before I could finish my garbled story, the pharmacist said ‘Jennifer Shaw?’ ‘YES!’ I replied.  As if by magic, she produced 2 x boxes from the fridge readily packaged labelled and ready for me to take.


Now, call me cynical but I would never have believed this system would actually work – my faith in the NHS and Boots was restored and off I trotted for my Scottish Christmas.  Suffice to say, I panicked for no reason as I didn’t need to touch the insulin or replace my pump until Mum arrived with the supply from home however, I was able to sleep soundly without panicking which would not have been possible had I not known I had insulin if needed!

Thanks Boots!

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