Happy New Year!

2017….how did that happen!


This year is starting out for me as a bit of an unknown.  I am currently unemployed (gulp) and about to head off to ‘find myself’ in Vietnam and Cambodia before settling back down and remembering that I am in fact a semi responsible adult with a mortgage and bills to pay and therefore I probably cannot afford to just flit the rest of 2017 away playing on beaches and discovering the far flung corners of the world.  The age old question ‘what are your resolutions?’ has already been asked numerous times and I am yet to perfect my answer so I thought I would spend a few minutes thinking about what I would like to get out of 2017.  I feel like I sound a bit like a beauty pageant contestant with what I have come up with (‘all I want is world peace lol’) but in my mind, there are three important contributory ‘pillars’ in my life and for 2017, I want to build on and maintain these….

1. Health – An oldie but a goodie. I want to continue on the journey I have embarked upon over the last few years when it comes to my health.  Move every day, eat healthily, indulge occasionally and keep T1D on a tight leash!

2.Happiness – This is rather broad and I realise that many things feed in to this however, I want to make a concerted effort to do things that make me happy. I want to find a new challenge in the form of a new job, I want to work hard at doing something that I love and feel proud of what I am doing.  I want to maintain my health (see above) and I want to spend time with friends and family (see below).  I also want to continue to travel and discover new places and experiences.

3. Friends and Family – Arguably the most important of the three pillars, where would we be without the most important people in our lives?! I know I am not always the easiest person to be around and do not treat the people closest to me with the love and respect that they deserve therefore, my aim this year is to be nicer to these people and to give back. I am so often on the receiving end of extreme acts of love and kindness and I need to remind myself to reciprocate in this respect.

So there you have it, the three pillars of my life that I want to work on in 2017.  What are your resolutions for the year ahead?pillars

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