Christmas Day – I thought I’d nailed it…

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas – I definitely did!  4 days off work filled with family, fun and food, what more could you ask for!


Christmas day started when I was woken up by a very excited younger sister tearing in to my room “Jenn, Jenn, time for stockings!” (my 27 year old sister I must add!!) I hauled myself out of bed, collected my stocking from outside my room and went in to my cousin’s room where my two sisters, two cousins, auntie, uncle, mum, dad and granny were all getting themselves set up!  I squidged myself between my two sisters and the stocking opening commenced.


We have a very particular way of doing things on Christmas day and it goes something like this…

First thing – stocking opening

Then we split in to teams: Team kitchen, team church and (depending on where we are that year) either Team dog walk or Team chill.


Granny’s bread sauce – the ‘hold it over your head test’

I am part of team church so we got ready and headed down to the cathedral for some rousing carol singing whilst team kitchen started on the veg prep.


The morning passed by quite quickly and soon it was time for the main event – Christmas dinner whoop!  We started with the most yummy of smoked salmon, we were in Scotland after all, it would be rude not to indulge in one of the delicacies of the country!  We then moved on to main course which was the usual shizzle.  Being a vegetarian, I stuck to the veggies minus the roast potatoes, plenty of sprouts and red cabbage though, two of my faves!


Think I chose the wrong seat as a veggie!

So far so good on the carbs and sugar, all fairly easy until the Christmas Pudd and Christmas Cake came out!  I had a teeny piece of both – it was Christmas after all!  I then also might have fallen pray to the temptations of a couple of Hotel Chocolat delicacies.

It is only after the last coffee has been poured that we are FINALLY allowed to open presents.  It is a mad stampede through to the lounge before the loooooong present process begins.  Every gift is opened individually and we all ooh and aah at the appropriate times whilst also running round the room to dish out the obligatory thank you hugs and kisses.

At this point, I am congratulating myself in a big way as I have managed to keep my sugars below 8 all day which I am pretty pleased with!  The day continued with a melay of games, naps and trashy Christmas TV and I went to bed at midnight with a steady level of 9.1 – a little higher than I would have liked but I usually drop overnight so I wasn’t too worried.

My 3am alarm went off and I tested….6.2 whoop

Boxing day dawned and I awoke at 9am, fairly confident that I had nailed Christmas Day pudding, cake and all…I absent mindedly pricked my finger and..16.4!!!!

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh – why why whyyyyyyy?!  I checked my Dexcom and saw that the rise started from about 6:30am which means it must have taken 15 hours for that blasted cake and pudding to hit.  Suffice to say, I had a meltdown, a few tears were shed and Mum, as ever, spoke some wise words before normality was reastored, we donned our thermals, and climbed a hill in the snow where – what a surprise, the inevitable hypo happened!

How did you all cope on Christmas day?  Hope everyone had a good one and managed to keep things as steady as possible – as wise mother owl said, a quickly fixed spike isn’t a disaster and we have to enjoy the special things in life like Christmas pudding and cake!

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