Some may call me stupid but it seems that I have two trips booked within only a few weeks of having started my relationship with Beryl (my pump for those of you thinking that I have shacked up with a 90 year old lady! ;))!


So far, we have been getting on famously.  I have found the site and pump changes very painless and not experienced any issues with equipment etc.  I have been doing quite a lot of experimentation with different basal rates and bolus deliveries and feel like I haven’t quite got this right yet but, after having dealt with diabetes for 25 years, I am not naïve enough to think that this is something which will ever be ‘done’ and is probably all a bit of a moveable feast.

Given the above, I am feeling fairly ok about taking Beryl out to see the world from a day to day management point of view.  The thing that is stressing me out is the packing….

I HATE packing anyway, whether it be clothes, toiletries, Christmas presents and now pump supplies, I just despise having to carry loads of stuff around with me.  I always try and pack as lightly as possible so that I am not lugging around unnecessary weight and bulk.  It has come to my attention, however, that pump supplies, although not particularly heavy, do seem to come with a rather bulky amount of packaging!


In order to try and ‘de-bulk’ my packing as much as possible, I have written the below list for a 2 week trip…

7 x Cannulas (each lasts 3 days plus a couple of spares)

7 x Insulin cartridges (each lasts 3 days plus a couple of spares)

7 x syringes

7 x needles for syringes

7 x vials of Novorapid

2 x pumps

1 x handset

1 x charger

1 x Cannula inserter

7 x Velcro pads for sticking the pump to my leg

1 x device for attaching the cartridge to the pump


Lancets (I know I know, these will just sit at the bottom of my bag and not be changed the whole time!)

2 x Dexcom sensors


2 x Levemir pens

2 x Novorapid pens

3 x Novorapid cartridges

3 x Levemir cartridges


Spare meter

AAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH – this is going to fill a whole suitcase!!!

Now that I have the list at least I can start with collecting all the ‘bits’ together and seeing how much space it all takes up.  Stay tuned for some images of how much stuff this all actually equates to – any tips would be much appreciated!

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