The First 24 Hours…

As mentioned in my previous post, I started my pump journey with a higher than ideal BG so I left the hospital on 10.2 having risen to 11.4 before attaching the pump due to lack of morning levemir. When I was sitting down to lunch I was at 9 so I put this in to the handset and put in 20g of carbs (I was having salmon, avocado, watercress and sugarsnap peas) and it calculated 3.3 units as a bolus so I administered this. Throughout the afternoon it went down steadily until I ended up hypo so I had some fruit pastilles which brought it back up slightly but it kept dipping and wouldn’t stay above 4.

I wasn’t really sure what to do as it was suggesting to me that my basal rate was too generous however I couldn’t work out how to change it. I actually suspended the pump just for the journey home as I needed to rush on a packed tube and didn’t want to go low. I then decided to set it at a temporary basal of 75% and restarted it but I kept going low again and again and I HATE having to eat when I don’t want to do it was stressing me out a bit.


I tested before bed and it was 4.3 so I had some more fruit pastilles and went to sleep. At 1:30am it was 3.0 so I changed the temp basal to 50% and had more fruit pastilles. It was then 5.0 when I woke up this morning although dropped to 4.5 on my way to the gym so I suspended it for my gym workout and subsequently restarted it at the 50% again.


I know that it was probably too early to start messing around with temporary basal rates but I couldn’t bring myself higher than 4 and was feeling awful so I didn’t know what else to do! I ended up with only about 2 hours sleep!

A few teething problems but I had expected these so was not too worried!  I am sure there will be many tweaks to be made before I find the perfect balance (who am I kidding – does this even exist?!) but overall, I really think I am going to love the flexibility and adaptability of pumping!

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