We are live!!

Following on from a week on saline, I was super excited to go back to the hospital and get Beryl pumping away with real insulin!  I was also looking forward to seeing my pump buddies again and hearing how they had got on in the week.


Having learnt about the technical functions the previous week, we delved right in and started our set and pump change, the only difference this time being that we drew up Novorapid rather than saline.  I was pleased that it all went very smoothly and took a mere matter of minutes.  Once the pump was attached, I set the basal profile we had calculated the week before and pressed start – we were off whoop!

We had been instructed that morning not to administer our usual Levemir injection so that we could go on to the pump without having duplicate doses on board – this meant that by the time I was back up and connected,  my sugar has risen to 11 which I was not keen on!

We then went over everything again to make sure we were all comfortable with basal rates and how to bolus etc and Will and Angela spoke to us about sick day rules as well as different ways to bolus including a ‘multiwave’ function which, rumour has it, can actually combat the dreaded pizza spike #exciting!


We wrapped it all up and were sent on our way armed with contact telephone numbers and the reassurance that we would have daily contact with the team over the next couple of weeks in order to ensure our rates were all correct etc.

I think we were all a mixture of excited and overwhelmed so we decided to go for a coffee to chat it all through and relax after the session.  It was so nice to get out of the hospital environment and properly get to know my fellow Cellnovo pumpers, three truly lovely ladies whom I really hope to stay in touch with well after we are fully au fait with the pumping process.

Sadly I had to leave the party early and head back to work so I bid my new friends goodbye and promised to keep in touch via our whatsapp group.  This was it – we were out in the real world as proper pumpers eeeeek!

Stay tuned for a report of the first 24 hours – let’s just say that not much sleep was had!!


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