I recently received an e-mail from with the details for a service called pharmacy2u.  Upon reading the information, I was somewhat dubious as this all sounded far too good to be true!  I am sure I am not the only person who has had heated discussions with many a GP surgery receptionist over prescriptions etc and this sounded like it would eliminate any need for human interaction – winner winner in my eyes!

I therefore logged straight on to the website and set myself up…


It was super easy to register, I entered my GP details and the items that I require on repeat and then submitted the form, all the while, still feeling rather uncertain about this potentially amazing new service!

I also downloaded the app to my iphone as recommended by the website.

A few days later, I got a message from pharmacy2u to say that mt GP had approved the items and my first order was on its way. So far so good and I hadn’t had to speak to a single person! (I realise I am painting a rather unsociable pic of myself here – I am actually very chatty however do not enjoy having THE SAME conversation OVER AND OVER AGAIN with Dr’s receptionists!)

Sure enough, a few days later, a lovely box arrived courtesy of Royal Mail and it was full of all the goodies (relative term!) that I had ordered.  All packed in chilled and insulated packaging.


All of this was so far excellent and I was a very happy bunny.

I then got a new meter and needed new test strips for this.  As with most new meters these days, it came with a form to fill in and give to your GP for the new prescription.  I dutifully filled this in and popped it in the post, almost positive that this would not result in being able to order the test strips on pharmacy2u and preparing myself for some angsty phone calls with the surgery.

I have never been so happy to be proved wrong!  I logged on to the app about a week after having sent the request across and lo and behold…THE TEST STRIPS WERE ON THERE!!!!  I merrily clicked on the repeat button and was able to order insulin, needles and the new test strips no probs, all arriving within a few days just as before.


It would seem, that this may be one of those rare occasions in life whereby something that is promised is in fact not too good to be true!  Whoop whoop – parmacy2u I give you 10/10!



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