Cellnovo – The Beginning

I woke up on Monday morning pretty excited that my Pump adventure was about to start!  Mum and I arrived at the hospital and were shown in to the education room where there were 4 x shiny packages laid out on the table.  I love new ‘stuff’, whatever it is therefore this only served to heighten my excitement further.  We were the first ones in the room and were introduced to our trainer from Cellnovo as well as one of the DSN’s and dieticians from the clinic before going through the online registration of the pump.


We were soon joined by 3 other ladies and once we were all registered we got started on calculating our basal rate and correction dose before programming this in to the handset.  This will obviously involve an element of trial and error once there is actual real insulin in the pump as we worked out the figures by looking at an ‘average’ day’s insulin doses and we all know, with T1D there is no ‘average’ day!

We then started learning about the actual pump and how it worked, there was a lot to take in from the fancy handset to the process of changing the insulin in the pump and changing the cannula site.  I think we were all a bit overwhelmed and I had to make Mum tell me ‘nice’ things to stop me from crying at one stage – ever the drama queen!!  The main thing that stressed me out was all the very ‘medical’ looking equipment such as syringes and cannula’s.  I think the drug companies have done such a good job of making insulin pens and meters etc look very un medical that I was slightly unprepared for this – a small thing but nevertheless, it’s the small things that sometimes affect us the most.

Anyway, moving swiftly on, we inserted a cannula which was surprisingly easy and pain free, before hooking ourselves up to the pump (filled with saline at this stage) and before we knew it, 3 hours had passed and we were sent on our way with boxes full of supplies and brains super full of new information.  We would have a trial week with the pump full of saline just to get used to the functionality of it and to having it attached to us 24/7 before moving on to insulin the next week.


Will, our lovely dietitian, was very clear on the fact that we mustn’t forget to still administer insulin with pens during this week even though we were fake blousing with the pump as well – something I have definitely nearly forgotten a couple of times!

My brain was well and truly fried by this point so Mum and I decided to go and get a nice lunch before she hopped on her train back up to Liverpool and I made the executive decision not to go back to work and rather to go home and consolidate all that I had learnt that morning.

Much, much more to follow of course but just wanted to give you a snapshot in to the first experience with my new friend Beryl…Yes, I called my pump Beryl J

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