DexcomG5 – The story so far

I have had my Dexcom G5 for about a month now and I have to say that so far, it has been fantastic.  As you may have known, I was using the Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose monitoring system prior to the Dexcom and this had already revolutionised my life and diabetes management.  Being able to swipe at any time of the day – even on a crowded tube train – was liberating and meant that my control definitely improved.  It’s not rocket science really is it, checking more often meant that I was able to correct with carbs or insulin before the situation got too bad at either end of the scale AND having the constant graph was brilliant for being able to see those occasions where it may have drifted out of target for a couple of hours before going back in to the target zone, something which I previously would have been unaware of.


I was therefore being somewhat of a spoilt brat when I decided that I wanted the Dexcom as well.  Having seen the difference the libre had made though, I was suddenly asking the question ‘what could make this even better?’  The answer to this question for me was an alarm.  I was still having occasions when I would swipe the libre to be met with a less than satisfactory and often surprising result.  I would then do the necessary to correct this however, I couldn’t help thinking that if I had been warned that this was happening then perhaps it wouldn’t have got as bad.  I therefore called up Dexcom and placed an order straight away for the G5 system which would be linked to my phone and provide the alarm feature that I was looking for.

I set my ‘alarm’ levels to 3.5 for a low glucose alert and 8.0 for a high alert.  I know that 8 isn’t that high but it was more so I was able to stop it getting to a level any higher than that at the earliest possible opportunity.

The first night, I had one alarm which I dealt with and then I proceeded to have 5 straight days of almost 100% in target readings, a ‘Dexcom honeymoon’ if you will!  I must confess, I was being particularly ‘anal’ about everything I was doing and eating in this time as having the constant threat of my phone alarming at me was enough to keep me motivated on that front!

Since then, I have definitely relaxed slightly and have had a few more disturbed nights with both high and low alarms waking me constantly HOWEVER, this has not put me off as I like to be in possession of ALL the information and able to act upon it and fix anything before it becomes a problem.

One month in and I am hooked, I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering trying out a CGM.  I have been warned by others who have been using it for a while that the constant knowledge and fixation on numbers can become somewhat draining and unhealthy obsession can occur however, I will aim not to let this happen and channel the positivity I am currently feeling towards it.  It makes me feel more in control of diabetes which is something I think all of us T1D’s crave!

074This is my happy face 🙂

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