Today’s the day!

It’s finally arrived! Nope, it’s not Christmas, my birthday, lottery winning day, eat cake for breakfast day….it’s PUMP DAY!


I am so excited that I am somewhat worried that I may not actually take in any of the information provided to me at my first 3 hour pump session therefore, I have drafted in reinforcements in the form of type one mummy!


I have done all that has been recommended to me by members of the #DOC as well as friends who are already experienced pumpers in that I have gone back to the old DAFNE diary for the last two weeks and recorded all of my readings, doses, carb intake in the minutest detail to try and make the transition from MDI as smooth as possible.  I have also read all the books and literature I can find on the subject – possible information overload but too much info is surely better than not enough?!

I want to be the star pupil and take to this like a duck to water so hope that I have done everything possible that I can to set myself up for it.  Just a short post today and I will let you know how I am getting on in the next few weeks!

2 thoughts on “Today’s the day!

    1. Hi Sara, it was about 18 months from me first asking to the day I actually got hooked up! That was partly to do with the type of pump that I wanted though and the fact that it was out of production for a few months so there was a back log of orders! X


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