Not so naughty after all…

I did a post a while back about my favourite diabetes friendly food finds and since then, I have stumbled across a few more so thought I would share…

Ohso Chocolate

This is sold in Boots and Whole Foods and somes in a pack of 7 little bars.  It comes in different flavours with slightly differing carb counts but they range between 3.5 and 6g per bar meaning that they are a good little sweet finisher for your meal and don’t send the old blood sugars sky rocketing in to space.  From a personal point of view as well, I really like that they come individually wrapped as it removes any temptation to eat them all at once!

Dark chocolate covered seeds

These are from good old M&S and again, provide a nice little ‘naughty’ treat when that 3pm slump hits.  10g carbs for a pack so worthy of a little unit of insy but still worth it I feel!


Maui and Sons Coconut Chips

A lovely T1D friend gave these to me and they were super yummy.  10g carb per serving which equates to half a packet – not going to lie, I ate the whole pack in one day but still only 2 units so not a disaster!  At the moment I can only find these online but I am on the hunt for a place in London that sells them – I am sure there will be somewhere!


That’s it for now, I am always on the look out though so will keep you updated on further discoveries!

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