My Happy Place

I realise that my posts have been somewhat of a more serious and potentially negative nature recently therefore, I wanted to write about something fun!

In the UK, this time of year can be tricky.  The hours of daylight are significantly reduced, it’s usually raining and if we are unlucky, we end up getting a smattering of slush and snow – not enough to make it fun or for them to call a national ‘stay home from work and make a snowman’ day, just enough to be annoying and inconvenient!  This, combined with the daily diabetes grind means that it is important to do nice things and treat ourselves when we can (any excuse for a bit of fun and pampering!)


Last weekend, we had a lovely family trip away to Scotland which encapsulated all of my favourite things; family, fun, dancing, dressing up, night time hot tubbing – you get the gist!  It was also my first weekend using the Dexcom G5 which incidentally – I love!

Friday night started with a 1920’s themed ball in the hotel, we really went for it with the dressing up and accessories with lots of tassels and feathers!  The meal was prawn cocktail, fillet mignon and peach melba.  As much as I complain about these people in my job, I was THAT person who asked for their own special menu J  I had the starter however, asked for fish and veg for main and cheese for dessert.  The hotel were very accommodating and provided me with a lovely meal which kept my sugars in range all night – winner!! (The highly energetic dancing that I also did A LOT of may have had something to do with that too)


I set my Dexcom alarms to go off if my sugar went above 8 and below 4 and it went off once in the night when it reached 8.  This was at 3am which is when I would quite often wake up and do a bit of Novorapid anyway to combat dawn so it was good to have the alarm meaning that it never went higher than 8.5 after a quick 2 units!  Not sure my sisters enjoyed the middle of the night disturbance though – oops!

Saturday was a cold but dry day and we had planned a big brunch followed by a family Segway adventure.  I had my usual smoked salmon and avo brunch and then we set off in to the forest.  I was a bit unsure as to how to approach this from a BG point of view as I didn’t know how much physical exertion it would be.  I therefore just made sure I had some fruit pastilles in my pocket and my novorapid handy to deal with it swinging in either direction.  For those of you interested apparently Segway-ing does not really affect blood sugars at all and I stayed at a pretty steady level throughout.  I am not sure we were quite prepared for the off roadness of the segwaying and there were some definite scary and hairy moments involving steep hills in both directions and bumpy paths.  We made it back safely though and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee in the hotel lounge followed by a swim and sit in the hot tub to thaw out.


Saturday evening was dinner in one of the hotel restaurants which was again a lovely affair.  I had salmon (salmon overload today – good job it’s my fave!) and some broccoli as a side and then we headed off for an early night – given the previous nights’ antics we were pretty sleepy by now.

Sunday dawned wet and missly but I wanted to go for a walk around the golf courses and a little bit of rain wasn’t going to stop me!  The fam dutifully got wrapped up in waterproofs, hats and gloves and we enjoyed a couple of hours out in the fresh, if not slightly damp, Scottish air.  The clubhouse bar was a welcome place to come and enjoy a light lunch afterwards.  Following a chilled afternoon of cook reading and tennis watching, we had a lovely homecooked meal by our friends and sung happy birthday to Mum and her friend Rosey who were both to celebrate their birthdays the following week.  Cal and I made some little cupcakes which were enjoyed by everyone else whilst we looked on with jealousy – I was having such a good weekend of blood sugars though, I didn’t want to ruin it with a silly little cake!  I then dragged everyone back to the pool and hot tub for a relaxing bubble under the stars.


A lovely weekend which brought a bit of light and fun to a drab and miserable time of year.  Spending time with family doing the things you love is so important – don’t ever let it take a back seat and let the stresses and strains of every day take over.

Big love xxxxx

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