A problem shared…

Oh how annoying is it when you think you know better however, you actually discover that the world and its funny little sayings is actually right?! ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’.  How many times have we heard that one?!

It’s very easy to think that you can tackle every problem or difficult situation on your own.  We, as t1d’s are, by nature, a pretty strong and hardy bunch and therefore sometimes forget that we are allowed to show a chink in our armour and a level of vulnerability – we are human after all!

Given that our performance as a t1d is measured on number after number, it is hard not to look at it all as some sort of test.  That hba1c number is a sign of how good we are as a human being and any high bg readings make us feel like failures in the game that is diabetes.

I am sure that my rambling is ringing true with more than a few of you out there and I firstly want to say that WE ARE NOT ALONE.  I consider myself very lucky to have a sister (who is also one of my best friends) also afflicted with t1d and therefore can absolutely without a doubt tell you that we all feel this at sometime or another – ( I’ve quizzed her to death ha!)  

I know it is difficult however, we must try and change our mind sets when it comes to our diabetes and all the NUMBERS.  No one is judging us on these numbers, no one is looking upon us as successes or failures based on a silly little blood test. 

If you do feel the above is an issue for you then please trust me when I say that the old adage of sharing your feelings and problems can help SO SO much.  I recently did just this and it felt like a load was lifted from my shoulders.  We shouldn’t feel like we have to be invincible or perfect.  There is no getting away from the fact that t1d and all it’s intricacies is hard.  It is constant and it is tiring and no one will blame you if you take off that mask and show that it does take its toll and sometimes we do just need a bit of help and support.

Phew – that was a bit deep wasn’t it?! Not my usual style but something I only realised myself recently and wanted to share.  Sharing is caring after all 🙂


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