Travelling and T1D

The more and more I think about it (and the longer I stay in my pretty horrible job!) I think that I want to go travelling. Not for a year or anything, probably about 3 months ideally.

I have a list of places I would like to visit and things I would like to see and I just feel like I would like a break from the metaphorical ‘rat race’ which I seem to have unintentionally found myself to be a part of (maybe I am having an early mid-life crisis eek!)

This is post is therefore a bit of a plea for some advice from fellow T1D’s out there. I know that many of you have done plenty of travelling and therefore must have a plethora of tips and advice whether it be diabetes related or not. I have listed my initial concerns below:


1. Access to supplies
I know I am only talking about going for 3 months and therefore it would be easy enough to just take enough insulin, test strips, lancets (haha yeah who am I kidding) with me however, I would feel nervous about not being able to get more immediately if needed.

2. Keeping insulin cold
My sister went on a bit of a mini travelling stint around America and came up with the solution of filling a water bottle with cold water and submerging her insulin in this – a good idea but I am not convinced of it’s effectiveness. I have frio wallets which are pretty good but I do get worried that insulin could over or under heat and that then brings me back to point 1 of being able to access supplies readily.

3. Keeping control
I am a big fan of routine and live by quite a strict one on a day to day basis. I find this quite important in keeping good diabetes control therefore, one of my big worries is being out of routine and experiencing new things/foods/activities/timezones and the effect this might have on my control.

4. Being too old
This one is not diabetes related at all, it is, however, a big worry of mine. I do not want to get myself in a group of 18 year olds who are making their first foray in to independence, drinking too much, not sleeping very much and probably not appreciating the wonderful places they are visiting. (OMG I JUST READ THAT AND IT MAKES ME SOUND SO OLD!) I am not a massive drinker myself and do need my sleep! I also really want to make the most of every moment.


Sooo, there you have it, my 4 main worries about being a 30 year old traveller – I would really appreciate anyone’s advice on any of the above points!



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