Flash glucose monitoring vs CGM 

I am lucky enough to have the freestyle libre flash glucose monitoring system which I have been using for the past year.  I am not exaggerating when I say that it has revolutionised my diabetes management and therefore my life!  

Barely a day goes by when I do not find myself thankful for the libre.  Whether it be a quick swipe on the tube or an easy 3am check, it makes everything so much easier. 

Now that I have discovered its awesomeness, I am of course wanting more.  It’s a negative trait of mine that I always want more or better!  Although the libre is fab, I still get caught by surprise more often than I would like.  There is nothing worse than doing a test and finding that your bg is unexplainedly out of range when you are totally expecting it to be fine, I have therefore started thinking about a full blown CGM.  The alarm feature on the CGM is what is attracting me to it, if an alarm would go off when my sugar was rising or falling out of range then I could do something about it before it got too bad and this is something I really think would help me. 

As with the pump, I do not fit in to the NICE guidelines for an NHS funded CGM therefore I am considering self funding as I don’t think it will actually be much more expensive than the libre.  I will keep you posted on how it all goes – if anyone has any tips or opinions I would be really keen to hear them! 

2 thoughts on “Flash glucose monitoring vs CGM 

  1. Hi Jenn – I am new to your blog and have been reading a few entries. Did you have to go through self funding in the end for the Dexcom and your pump or was it covered in the end by NHS? I am newly diagnosed and very scared by the complications that can arise and live a fairly hectic life and so was quite keen to understand a) would it take a few years of me using normal monitors and Insulin pens to even start thinking about going on a CGM and pump and b) if i should be thinking about it soon, is it hard to get funding from the NHS as I have seen the cost to be quite high


    1. Hi! Thanks so much for reading and lovely to hear from you! Sorry to hear you are newly diagnosed, I am sure it has been a tricky time but believe me when I say it gets easier and you will definitely get the hang of everything! I managed to get NHS funding for my pump but not for the CGM (yet!). In terms of cost for the CGM it probably works out at about £100 per month on average which I definitely feel is worth it for the amount that it helps me. I am a massive fan of convenience and everything being made as easy as possible and the dexcom really allows for this. I also live a fairly hectic and active lifestyle and I would totally recommend both pump and CGM for this. Do let me know if you have any other questions, super happy to help any way I can and good luck xxx


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