Low Carb…..discuss

I try my best to follow a low carb diet on a day to day basis as I find that, in combination with a daily dose of exercise, this is the best way of maintaining ‘in target’ blood sugars.  It can however, be challenging when I have not prepared properly or when I am away from home or when a special occasion presents itself (I mean, every weekend is a special occasion right?!….)


I recently read a blog post by the lovely Sophie at http://www.sssweeeet.wordpress.com where she put it in an interesting way which did make me think… People with Coeliac disease cannot eat gluten, people who are lactose intolerant cannot consume lactose, anyone with any food related allergies knows that they cannot consume the food in question.  Is it therefore the case that those of us with T1D should just accept the fact that our bodies cannot deal with carbohydrates very well and therefore, should we treat carbs in the same way that Coeliac disease sufferers treat gluten?

I realise that the above is a very simplistic view of it all and that although the avoidance of gluten/lactose/insert any other intolerances and allergies, does come with many of its own challenges, trying to completely avoid all carbs is nigh on impossible.  It is also probably not that good for your body as carbohydrates are the main source of fuel and energy.  Having said that, I do actually feel a lot better when I am following a low carb diet in terms of being more awake, able to focus better at work and generally just having a bit more of a spring in my step.

Essentially, I think what I am trying to say is that, in an ideal world, I would like to follow a low carb diet all the time.  There are so many positives to come from this, the main one being stable and consistent blood sugars, something which is such a priority to me and stops me in my tracks on many occasion when I am tempted to reach for a sugary carby snack.  I do, however, very much want to live a life that involves special treats and cake therefore I know that on one of those all too frequent ‘special occasions’ it is not a disaster if I do indulge.


I would be interested to hear your experiences and opinions on this as well as any fab low carb cheats you might have.  I know that this can be a contentious issue and therefore  am not saying that it is for everyone nor that it is the ‘right’ way to approach diabetes management.  It is merely one way and one where I have found the most success in keeping blood sugars down.


2 thoughts on “Low Carb…..discuss

  1. I love this! I read something recently that made me feel like I should restrict all carbs and go on the keto diet, but I am more like you where I simply try to follow a low carb diet and avoid what I know my body can’t handle. For me, that’s even “healthy” carbs, (not just desserts) like pasta, rice, quinoa, whole grain bread and even bananas and other fruits. I cannot however live a life where carrots, parsnips, beets, and winter squash are off limits… I think for me I am okay giving insulin for carbs that come from vegetables. My body seems to handle those carbs better than the carbs from grains, etc.
    Anyways, enough about me… I just wanted to say that this was refreshing to read! Helped me feel better that I’m not living on a diet of fat and protein alone!


    1. Thanks so much for reading Trista, it’s nice to hear that others face the same carb related struggles! I can definitely identify with you on the ‘healthy’ carbs as well! Glad you found it a refreshing read xxx


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