Wise words from Mamma Bear

14731354_10209288203834818_5950709704035999463_nI was chatting/ranting to mum the other day about the ‘full time job-ness’ of T1D and how it affects and impacts every decision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no days off.  I mean, we can all tell ourselves we are having a ‘cheat’ day and indulge in that Krispy Kreme or wedge of birthday cake, but we still have to dose accordingly and when we get it wrong, we then have to deal with the consequences of feeling like poop and trying to bring everything back to a good level, often taking days to feel ‘normal’ again.  Mum was dutifully listening and nodding in the right places, waiting for me to finish and then she said something interesting.  She said ‘Yes, it is a full time job but how lucky are you that it is completely within your control and you know that actually, it doesn’t stop you doing anything?’  My first response was to launch in to my lost career as a HGV driver or an airline pilot HOWEVER, when I started being sensible, I realised that she was completely right (why are mum’s ALWAYS right, it’s so annoying!!)

Look at other chronic illnesses; asthma, epilepsy, severe psoriasis, and you realise that people suffering from these ailments have certain limitations put on their lives.  People with epilepsy may not be able to drive, people with asthma may struggle with any sort of exercise, skin conditions can be debilitating and treatments are frequently ineffective!

I therefore took a step back and looked at my life from a different angle.  I do everything I want to do, I eat everything I want to eat and provided I spend a little bit of time (approx. 20 minutes a day I reckon!) just thinking about the old T1D, I am in no way limited.  In fact, sometimes, it is almost a good thing to have a bit of a ‘project’ and I do think that overall I am probably fitter and healthier than many of my non-pancreatically challenged friends.


Just a little thing to think about and to put it all back in perspective – thanks Mum for putting me in my place and making me thankful for the full and happy life I am able to lead!

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