Taking the Plunge

When I first started writing this post, I called it ‘the final straw’.  I then started writing it and realised that although the decision in question feels like it was precipitated by a metaphorical ‘final straw’, it is actually incredibly positive and exciting therefore – I have re-named it ‘taking the plunge.’  Anyway, I realise that I have probably SUPER DUPER confused you now and you are wondering if I am having some sort of crazy hypo…let me take you back to the very beginning!

As I have mentioned before, I work as an events manager in a busy (and ridiculously posh) London five star hotel.  My main business has always been the corporate side however, recently and due to unforeseen circumstances leading to us being short staffed, I have taken on quite a few ‘social’ events as well (think Bar Mitzvah’s, crazy lavish weddings, birthday parties and even the odd proposal!.)

I never went in to the hospitality industry thinking that I would have a 9-5 job or that I would be fairly remunerated for the ridiculous hours that I do and up until now, that has always been fine.  There have been peaks and troughs and I have ploughed through the busy times whilst ensuring that I catch my breath when things have calmed down a bit.


The past few months have been somewhat of a crazy rollercoaster in terms of business, however, and although I have done my best to manage this effectively (whilst also holding down my other full time job of being a kick ass T1D), I have noticed that my control has definitely started to slip somewhat.  I am due my next HbA1C in a couple of weeks and I will be interested to see if this has been affected at all.  It is not really surprising that this has happened as I am often running around like a crazy fool, there is an abundance of nice food thrust in my face all day every day and it can be pretty hard to maintain any sort of routine.  I therefore, after much deliberation and thought have finally taken the plunge and decided to quit – eeeeeeek!

This may be seen as a drastic decision by many as I do not currently have anything to go on to however, my health is the most important thing and I am no longer prepared to jeapordise this for something as silly as a little job!  I cannot tell you how good it feels to have done this and I am now on a massive job hunt to try and find something that is going to help me pay my mortgage.

I really just wanted to put this out there to say that it is always worth being brave and taking that step in to unchartered territory.  As much as we try and carry on as normal with T1D – and I remain a massive advocate of this! – I do think that sometimes it is worth reminding ourselves that health is paramount and some things are just not worth it.

Stay tuned for the next instalment, am hoping to fit in a bit of travelling in between jobs so will be looking for advice from everyone as to how to manage T1D and supplies whilst living out of a rucksack…..:)

5 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge

  1. I was actually thinking of you this week as my work hours have been crazy and I’m finding the same slip – and wondered how the hell you managed with your hours! Amazing for being brave and best of luck on the job search – I 100% plan to look for something with more routine but my contract is for another 2 years yet so until then the yo-yoing continues for me! X


      1. Yeh really frustrating! I’m an auditor so sometimes it can be 9-5 but quite often the hours are longer and the whole team brings in rubbo snacks and eats takeaways etc – not easy to balance it all! So hard to weigh up everything but health is so important and makes you realise how hard it is to maintain without a reliable routine! X


      2. It’s annoying how the coping strategy for long hours and stressful times at work is always the naughty snacks isn’t it! And so hard to resist when you’re working your ass off and knackered! As I said in my post, I would never use diabetes as a reason or an excuse to not do something but I think it’s also part of a wider issue in that long term lack of routine and long hours etc is actually unhealthy for anyone and t1d is just another factor we have to consider! Really looking forward to hopefully finding something a bit less stressful and with more of a routine and hopefully doing some travelling too! X


      3. Yeh it’s really hard! No for sure but you’re right your health is so important and something’s gotta give sometimes! Ohh travelling will be amazing! Hope it all works out 😁


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