I wanted to tell you about a lovely little website where you can find all sorts of exciting things to enhance your diabetes kit!

In the past, I have never been one for ‘pimping’ my kit however, I saw these on Instagram and thought they were cute so decided to give it a go.  Now that my sister has also started using the Libre, it is pretty handy to have a way of differentiating them as well.


For a mere €7.95m you get a pretty little sticker to cover the reader and a matching one to cover your sensor.  Obviously, this is a one off as once you throw the sensor away, the sticker goes with it so I would save it for a special occasion J

Anyway, I went for a monochrome look whilst Cal went a bit funky with some Pineapples!  The stickers are waterproof and peel off easily so if you fancy a change, its super easy to replace it with something else.

Of course, when you go on the Prikkedief website, there are a multitude of different things that you can buy including cases, jewellery and clothing.  Here’s the link (I cannot be held responsible for all the extra items that ‘accidentally’ fall in to your basket!)

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