Random Musing…


Have you ever found yourself cancelling plans because you are worried about the effect they might have on your BG and general diabetes management?  This is a question I would dearly like to be able to answer with a vehement NO however, I caught myself doing just that earlier on in the week and it got me thinking…

As I have mentioned before, I am very ‘all or nothing’ about everything in my life, some may call it a ‘perfectionist’ tendency.  This means that, for the 80% of the time that I am nailing the lifestyle that I want to live (low carb, daily exercise, in target BG’s) I am fairly self-centred.   I have my plan for the week which details what exercise I will do and when, what I plan to have for my meals and any ‘unusual’ activities (I realise this sounds like I write it down – I am not quite THAT anal about it but I know in my head what the plan is!).

If I am able to stick to my ‘plan’ there are always fun things and treats included therefore I am always working towards something and can really enjoy it when it comes.  The main thing that threatens to throw me off course is of course food and alcohol!


Back to my original point…. This week, I was supposed to meet some particularly ‘rock star’ friends for a drink and some food.  See below my concerns about this…

  1. It was planned for a Tuesday night (I mean, who plans anything for a TUESDAY night?!)
  2. These friends are fairly heavy drinkers and party animals
  3. We were supposed to be going somewhere that I already had concerns about in terms of low carb dinner options
  4. Following a particularly challenging week at work the week before, where my daily exercise routine and healthy diet went out of the window, I was just getting back on the straight and narrow and therefore didn’t want to do anything to jeopardise this!


Now, in an ideal world, I would have the willpower to be able to meet these friends, either not drink or just have the one, choose something sensible from the menu and leave in order to be in bed by 11pm.  Sadly, this is not really me and (going back to the ‘all or nothing’ thing) if I was to go, I would inevitably drink more than one drink, probably eat the odd chip and end up in bed at 2am thus throwing me off for at least the next 24 hours!

Anyway – slightly random rambling but I wanted to ask all you other T1D’s out there how you deal with this and if you have ever cancelled plans due to Diabetes?!

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