‘You know that I am the best cook in the family?…!’ PART 2

Following on from Cal’s mind blowingly awesome feast, I knew I had my work cut out on my cooking night.  I had a fairly straightforward and (hopefully) tasty menu in mind so late afternoon rolled around and I set to work.  

We were incredibly lucky that our villa was so well equipped when it came to utensils and serving dishes etc and this definitely helped us in our quest to win the family cooking crown!  I slightly cheated and also did an amuse bouche (I had to do something to try and beat the Michelin star standard meal of the previous night!!) so here are my 4 courses…

Amuse bouche – aubergine, courgette and tomato tapenade 

This was quite large for an amuse bouche but went down well – I was off to a good start!

Starter – avocado gazpacho with crumbled feta and cayenne pepper

A cold avocado soup is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while and I was pretty pleased with the results! 

Main course – roast loin of cod on a bed of tomato and fennel 

Always tricky to know when fish is cooked just right and I massively lucked out here as it was perfect – just don’t ask me to do it again, the fish cooking fairies were on my side that night.

Dessert – lemon posset with cranberries and spun sugar 

This was such a simple dessert to make and fairly low carb (if you took away the spun sugar crown!)

All in all, I was pretty pleased and Mum and Dad were absolutely laughing as they had managed to eat two delicious meals without having to do any cooking! (They did do the washing up though so thanks M&D).  As all good diplomatic parents would, they declared it a draw which Cal and I were perfectly happy to accept!

Now just remind me never to make a rash statement like that again – who knows what sort of competitive mess I might get myself in!! 

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