Sunday Brunching

Whoever it was that made brunch such a ‘thing’… I salute you!  At the weekends, I love to get up, put in a good workout and follow it up with a scrumptious, lazy brunch.  London has a plethora of exciting brunch places and it will definitely take me FOREVER to make my way through them all (especially when I keep going back to my old faves!) but I always check out the menu first to check there is something suitably low carb and filling on the menu.

I think I find breakfast the most challenging meal when it comes to finding something low carb, tasty and easy to grab and go therefore during the week, I tend to skip it and just have a coffee to keep me going until lunch.  Brunch, however, offers plenty of suitable options, see below my top 3 brunch choices…

My top choice is always some sort of smoked salmon and avocado option – I sometimes have to go slightly off menu and ask for it without the toast however this is a minor adjustment and restaurants are always happy to oblige!


Next up is a veggie full English, again, slightly adjusted but essentially some sort of combination of mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, avocado, halloumi – I pass on the toast or fried bread.

Finally, the slightly naughtier option which requires more novorapid than the above two choices is a fruit, yoghurt, nut, seed combo.

Always accompanied by a good few black americano coffees of course!

If I am having a day of throwing caution to the wind then a nice stack of pancakes with blueberries, cream and maple syrup would naturally be my first choice – only on special occasions though!


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