I am sure you can all relate to all the challenges associated with having to carry around diabetes related paraphernalia.  I would love love LOVE to just be able to leave the house with the essentials (phone, money, keys) shoved in to the back pocket of my jeans without also needing insulin (sometimes 2 types), meter, sticks, finger pricker, hypo treatment, needles, lancets (who am I kidding, I have probably only changed my lancet twice in 25 yrs eek!!)

Anyway, I digress…

Throughout the years, I have tried many different strategies and bags, most recently the Longchamp make up bag pictured below:

13903245_10208614604315251_1377567374369211697_n When I was younger it was always my poor mum who had to carry everything in her bag whilst I swanned around with the latest teeny tiny fashion statement bag that barley fit my lip gloss in!  Now, if I am honest, whenever I am with Mum and Dad, this is very much still the case, dad’s top pocket often has 4 insi pens popping out of the top (mine and my sisters!) and mum’s handbag is never short of a glucose tablet or two. I have used Walkman cases, pencil cases and make up cases, all of which have done the job to a certain extent but nothing has ever completely fulfilled the brief until now!



I discovered Myabetic on Instagram and was immediately impressed.  Their bags are stylish and pretty but also 100% practical and purpose made.  There are separate sections for everything, elasticated sections for two insulin pens and they look pretty enough to be carried as a clutch bag.  My phone and credit card even fit in the external pocket meaning that I can get away without carrying anything else.


I went for the baby pink ‘banting wallet’ but they have lots of other colours and types so check them out at

Happy shopping 🙂


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