Low Carb Sushi Making

I am a big fan of sushi.  Having been a vegetarian who eats fish for the majority of my life, it is a great option as includes lots of yummy, fresh fish as well as fresh veggies.  The downside of sushi for us T1D’s though is the deceptively large carbohydrate content.  This, combined with the fact that it is very much a sharing platter, picky type meal, means that carb counting for it can be somewhat of a challenge.

My love of sushi is something that all my friends are very aware of and this became very obvious on my birthday last year when I received sushi themed gifts from most people; a sushi making class, sushi serving sets, a sushi cook book and a box full of equipment and ingredients to enable me to have a go at home.


This also got me thinking…as much as I love the sashimi which is completely no carb, I am a sucker for a good sushi roll which is packed full of carby sushi rice.  Never one to let this stop me, I invited over some equally sushi obsessed friends and got about experimenting with low carb sushi making.

Whilst my friends used traditional rice, I whizzed up some cauliflower in the good old nutribullet before microwaving and adding a couple of spoons of cream cheese to bind it together.  It did need a bit of seasoning but after playing around with salt, pepper and some rice wine vinegar, I was happy that I had got a pretty good substitute for the real thing and we set about rolling our rolls!

My fave combo is avo and salmon so I made one of these as well as a tuna and cucumber one.  We then chopped them up and it was the moment of truth…the tasting!


I am literally so happy that the low carb sushi hit the spot just as much as if it had been the usual carb laden stuff!  My prayers have been answered and now I can have sushi every day whooooop!

I would highly recommend this if you are making sushi at home, slightly more challenging if you are at a restaurant as I have yet to find somewhere that does a low carb version (I think the rice is kind of an important element for the old traditionalists!) However, we all deserve a treat sometimes so as long as it’s not every day, knock yourself out with the real stuff once in a while.  My fave sushi place in London is actually stix ‘n’ sushi – ask the waitress to bring a selection of her faves and you will be blown away by the flavours!



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