It’s my Birthdayyyyyy!

Sooo, today is my birthday…my 30th birthday eeeeeeeeeek!


In my family, birthdays have always been super mega awesomely important and every year come rain shine or any other weather related interference, my wonderful Mum has baked a beautiful cake and we have done something lovely to celebrate ( I did have to make my own cake when I was 28 though Mum…we can talk about that later ;))


I won’t bore you with 30 years of stories but a few that have stood out are:

The time when my sisters booked a secret limousine to take us to a restaurant on the 34th floor of a tower in Liverpool where we met Mum and Dad for a champagne fuelled evening of lovely food and drink.  The limo driver definitely struggled with getting the vehicle up our teeny tiny cul-de-sac road!

The time when I had just moved to London and we tried to meet in Birmingham on a Tuesday night for a birthday dinner at a nice hotel – thwarted by public transport, we got there at 10pm, shovelled down one course, went to bed, got up at ridiculous o’clock and went back to work for 9am Wednesday – not the most successful of plans!

The time when 20 of us went for birthday brunch and my sister ordered the granola, they brought a mahoosive bowl of granola and she was living the dream until the waiter came over and asked for the bowl back as someone on the next table needed it.  It was only then that we realised she was supposed to serve herself an appropriate amount and give the main serving bowl back – so much laughing (and novo rapid) for the rest of that day!

Anyway, this year, to celebrate the MILESTONE that is 30 (30 is the new 20 right?!) I have rented a house near Bath and have my nearest and dearest joining me for a weekend of festivities.  As an event manager I have obviously been pretty anal about the arrangements and not let anyone else have a look in so the itinerary (and the diabetes management plan!) looks like this…

Friday – today

I am popping to work for the morning, not actually planning to do any work of course but just so people can sing to me, feed me cake and generally spoil me 😉

We are then getting the train to Bath where the real fun starts…

CHEESE and CHAMPAGNE – two of my favourite things!  As people will be arriving throughout the evening it will be a fairly chilled night of chatting, drinking, eating and catching up.


There are very few carbs for this evening so I will hopefully not have to alter my usual novorapid routine too much.  Always the danger of the booze taking me a bit low but I will just keep checking and I am sure there will be plenty of birthday related sweet treats available if needed!


Breakfast and then a walk – I will probably have some smoked salmon and avo with coffee for brekkie before heading out for a couple of hours walking, about 5 or 6 miles and fairly flat (or so dad tells me – due to my distinct lack of map reading skills, this is an element of the weekend that I have unfortunately had to delegate!)

Walking seems to be the quickest and most effective way of bringing my blood sugar down so I will make sure I have some fruit pastilles and cereal bars with me for any hypos during the walk.

Following the walk, we are having some cold, picky  platters at the local pub (with a few G&T chasers I am sure) before heading back to the house to make full use of the swimming pool, hot tub and games room and for all the girls to get their nails done by the mobile spa manicurist lady I have booked to come.


Again – lunch should have plenty of  fairly low carb options and assuming I haven’t had any hypos during the walk, I shouldn’t have to do too much novorapid for this, especially as there will inevitably be some alcohol consumed as well.

For dinner, we have got an external catering company coming in and they are providing a champagne and canapé reception followed by a three course meal, tea, coffee and petits fours. Everyone will be dressing up and hopefully a bit of dancing and hot tubbing will follow! I have also requested from my sister (family baker extraordinaire!) a 3 tiered birthday cake of varying flavours!  I have chosen the menu for this so know what we will be having in advance.

Usually, I would steer clear of any carby elements of the evening and I haven’t completely decided what my plan is for this but, as it is my birthday, I think that I will probably just have what I want and dose accordingly.  I am going to do my best not to be excessive on the carb intake but I will DEFINITELY be trying the cake that Cal is making!!  Usually I don’t bother with canapés as they are difficult to calculate for so will depend on how hungry I am – I will keep you posted on what I end up doing!


Hangover brunch and home – I have bought so much hangover brunch stuff that people had better be hungry, there will be a variety of the below on offer:


















Leftover cake

(Bloody Mary’s for those who can stomach them)

Excessive you think??!!  If anyone is in the Bath area and wants to pop in I reckon you would have a good chance of picking up some leftovers!!

And that is that – back to work on Monday with a bump I think (and some celery for lunch ;))  – you only turn 30 once though right?!

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