The Big 30 (and 25!)

So it seems that I can no longer ignore the fact that I will soon be taking a tentative step into the unchartered territory of my 30’s eeeeeeeeeek!  As I have realised (following the 27 stages of denial) that this is unavoidable – I have chosen to really go for it and have a full weekend of fun, food, champagne, friends, family and hopefully an unhealthy amount of debauchery.  Anyhoo, it is in one week’s time and I will fill you in on all the antics at a later date.


It is 12 days after the dreaded 30th that I mark another anniversary in the form of my 25 year ‘diaversary’.  Wow – 25 years is a looooong time!  I do not in fact remember a time in my life when I didn’t have to check my sugar and inject insulin therefore in a way, this milestone is not actually particularly big or important.  Diabetes has always been a part of me, it does not define me, we have had what one may call a tumultuous relationship over the years and I am pleased to say that after 25 years of sticking together through thick and thin, we are currently very happy together and enjoying life to the full.

I therefore felt it appropriate to give the nod to the quarter century and to have a little celebration inside. I can confidently say it has not stopped me doing anything over the years and will not stop be doing anything in the future.  So to all you fellow T1D’s out there, let’s raise a glass to beating this pesky little disease and showing it who is boss!


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