Nailing the 7 course tasting menu

Last weekend was my youngest sister’s 26th birthday.  It is unusual for all 5 of us to be together however this year, the stars aligned and we were all in the same place at the same time – whoop!

We therefore decided to go to the newest fancy-pants restaurant in Liverpool and indulge in their tasting menu to celebrate.  My Dad is a massive foodie and I am lucky enough to be able to assist him in his restaurant research on his frequent trips to London therefore we were both keen to see if Liverpool could match some of the amazing meals we have had in the big smoke.

Now, when it comes to Diabetes and tasting menus, there are a number of challenges:

  1. Tasting menus take aaaaagessss. It is a long, drawn out dining experience therefore it is inevitable that if you are on MDI such as myself and my sister, a few different insulin injections will be required across the evening.
  2. They throw in all these sneaky little extra courses. This is a lovely touch however, can make carb counting tres difficult and often, they can be sneakily heavy on the old sugar (sorbets are super sweet!)
  3. There is such a wide variety of items and soooo many courses. It is not as simple as just doing one calculation and then forgetting about it – I feel like I am doing maths ALL NIGHT!
  4. They are so tasty!! This means I want to gobble it all up even though, if I was ordering a la carte I would probably pass on the dessert and petits fours – as it is in front of me, it would be rude not to try…right?!

On this occasion, I am pleased to say I nailed it!!  I did kind of cheat though as couldn’t have the Baked Alaska dessert because I am allergic to egg so that took out a large chunk of sugar and carb.  It was good having my sis there too as we were able to work it out and muddle through together and of course the whole family got involved in the calculations – it is always a group decision how many units we are going to do!

Although I wouldn’t recommend it on a weekly basis, mainly due to the overindulgence on sweet, rich, calorific loveliness – I would say that as a T1D, do not be scared of a tasting menu.  It takes a bit more effort but if it is as scrumptious as this one was, it is most definitely worth it!

(Cal and I did have a little hypo party at 3am sitting at 2.6 and 2.8 respectively but let’s pretend that didn’t happen ;))

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