My top 3 diabetes friendly finds

I am always on the look out for sugar free and low carb alternatives to every day items in order to avoid those dreaded blood sugar spikes.  As a self confessed owner of an incredibly sweet tooth, I find desserts and drinks very hard to avoid.  I therefore wanted to tell you about these 3 products that I have recently discovered…


Provamel coconut yoghurt.

I stumbled upon this in my local Holland and Barret whilst actually looking for something completely different.  It has no sugar in it and only 5.3 grams of carbs per 100g!  Too good to be true I hear you ask?!  Well, no! It looks like its sugary, carby yoghurt counterparts and tastes just as good!  Combined with some sugar free syrup (see below) it really is a delicious, low carb and sugar free dessert alternative.  It is available in Holland and Barrett and Whole Foods in the UK.


Jordans Skinny Syrups.

Zero sugar, zero carbs and to top it off, zero calories. These syrups are meant to be added to coffees and really do taste of salted caramel and english toffee, a lovely faux sweet kick to your hot beverage!  I have also been known to add them to yoghurt (see above) and to pancakes as an alternative to maple syrup.  They come in a wide variety of flavours and I get mine from TK Maxx although they are also available on Amazon.


7Up Free Mojito Flavour.

Sometimes, only a cocktail will do.  I am a big fan of champagne and this would always be my tipple of choice however, on a sunny evening, a lovely cool, crisp mojito would really go down nicely.  I was therefore beyond thrilled when @typeonecharlotte (an esteemed member of the DOC and very active on Instagram – I would recommend following her if you don’t already!) posted the above.  It really does taste like mojito and is extremely refreshing.  Add a bit of rum and you have your sugar free cocktail whoop! It seems to be becoming more widely available however I am currently only able to find the large bottles in Asda.

I would love to  hear from anyone who has any other diabetes cheat products, do comment below with anything you would recommend.


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